All of the apartments have been built keeping the style of the old Tuscan country house. The environment is warm and cozy and the view from all the apartments will leave you breathless. You will feel at home with the comfort of a Holiday House. Each of the houses is different, they all have something singular that distinguishes them. We have the White one and its heart a bit shabby, or the Country one La Cascina with warm colors and smell of wood.  Then the warm and cozy Yellow house and the Red and The Terrace one as the biggest. Come to find them all and choose the best for you. 


It's a characteristic  3bedroom apartment of 70mq divided in a kitchen with red colored details, a roomy living space with accurate furnishing details. There are two double bedrooms and a triple room, all of them three have its own personality: there is the Poppies Room with floral decorations that give the room a fresh spring smell; the second one is the romantic one with shades of pink and a beautiful eighteenth century wardrobe an atmosphere with a romantic heart; The third room is a triple room, there are two beds, one double and one single ad both of them are decorated by two amazing handmade wood headboard.  The Red House is perfect for families or big group of friends.There are two two separate entrances one of which has a beautiful stone arch and the other one that takes you to the outdoor veranda where you can have outdoor dishes in front of an amazing landscape. All of the decorations are tinged with red and proudly handmade.

It has 7 Beds

and the price start from 130€ per night.


Cozy and welcoming, the yellow one is a delicious 2bedroom apartment that lights up with the color of the sun. It's made of two double bedrooms, one of which has a double bed with a unique handmade headboard made from an old window, and another twin bedroom with two beds colored of yellow details, the bathroom is small but recently renewed, the kitchen is obviously finished in yellow details and the living room has a relax space with the big stone fireplace and a special corner that reminds a romantic atmosphere of a bench with street lamp. 

Beds: 4

Starting from: 90€


The White House that is obviously not the presidential one but a 55sqm apartment, mado of a big double bedroom with romantic a bit shabby decorations and onother double bedroom with the wood handmade headboard, a living space with kitchen and a beautiful a skylight that illuminates an imposing working fireplace , two coordinated sofa and handmade decors all around. The house also has  a private patio with an amazing view

The beds available are 4

and the price starts from 90€


This one is a more independent apartment than the others thanks to the position, it is placed at the entrance of the resort and divided from the block of the other apartments. It has a beautiful veranda overlooking the vast garden. It is composed of two bedrooms, one double and one twin, a bathroom and a large living area with a functioning stone fireplace, the furniture and decorations smell of wood and a colorful brick kitchen finished in wood.

The Beds are: 4

and it costs starting from 90€


It's a beautiful house located at the first floor of the block of the houses of the propriety. It's one of the biggest one, and it can guest up to 7 peopl. It's composed of an equipped kitchen, a living room with fireplace, three double bedrooms and a bathroom. there are also 2 amazing terraces.

Starting from 130€





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